Frequently Asked Questions – Operators

See below for frequently asked questions for Operators.

Team Members only need to complete one application. To be considered for the $25,000 Scholarship, they will need to complete additional information in the application.
There is no limit to the number of applicants or recipients per Restaurant.
Every Team Member who meets the eligibility requirements, regardless if they were a past recipient, can apply for a Remarkable Futures Scholarship. The maximum lifetime any one student can receive is $35,000. Note: Applicants must re-register for the program each year they apply.
Team Members are eligible if they will be dual enrolled or enrolling at a postsecondary institution for the upcoming academic year.
No, there will not be any extensions for Team Members to submit their applications or Operators to submit their recommendations.
Due to the private nature of information shared in the application, it is up to the discretion of the Team Member if they share their application with anyone outside of the Scholarship America selection team. We do suggest Team Members share their application with their Operator or another leader before submission to ensure they have thoroughly completed the application. We also recommend they print a copy for their records.
We encourage Operators to utilize the FCR to provide additional education assistance. There are some great articles on LeadWell on how Operators are providing education assistance in their Restaurants. Also, eligible Team Members can reapply for additional scholarships.
Exciting changes to the Remarkable Futures Scholarship have retired the True Inspiration name, but the $25,000 Scholarship is still offered.
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